Ready to regain control of your health & wellbeing and take it to the next level without the overwhelm?

Say hello to health, confidence & a life you LOVE.


Health is SO much more than just diet & exercise. 
Whether your current crew or ex crew, I believe that every woman should wake up feeling happy, healthy and confident. We've been lead to believe health is just diet & exercise. 

So many of us have experienced the struggle; finding time to exercise, looking after you AND working what feels like 10,000 hours a week.

Are you ready for a change?

Health is also spirituality, chakras, self-love, finance, relationships, communication, energy & MORE.

Over the last 7 years I’ve been on a mission to learn tools from all over the world to solve the uphill wellness battle yachties face.

I’ve learned about self-love, routines, our monthly cycle, i've become a certified coach, studied as a yoga teacher in India, learned the Ancient Ayurvedic ways and so much more.

I’m excited & ready to help you radiate your glow and ignite your spark.

What is included in the programme...

1. The Glow Programme

Over the course of 4 weeks you’ll learn...

✭ What it is you ACTUALLY want from life & how to set a super specific goal and intention that you're excited about.

✭ How to listen to what your body is telling you; through bio-individuality, tuning into your cycle & energy, your skin, how you feel & more.

✭ How we're conditioned to live in our Masculine energy, but why you need to tap into your Feminine energy and ways to do this.

✭ What is mindful listening & why this is one of the most CRUCIAL ways to improve your wellbeing.

✭ Manifestation techniques & why the language you use is sooo important. How it effects what you will attract in your life.

✭ Self love & how to turn it waaaay up. SO KEY!

✭ Crystal Clear Communication - learn how YOU like to be communicated with & also what makes others feel heard. This has been the number 1 game changer in mine & so many others lives!

✭ How to express yourself, learning to say no & speaking your truth.

✭ We'll talk chakras & energy blockages within your body, how these appear physically & how to unblock them. (You know those times you get sick & have NO IDEA why... well, this is it!)

✭ The phases of your menstrual cycle, tuning into them & using it to your advantage so life isn't a struggle.

✭ All of the tools you need to learn to love yourself, your body and create amazing health.

✭ Why health also includes finance, the GLOW finance template & scheduling tools.

Each module has been specifically designed to take you from where you are now, to where you want to be, in a smooth, easy to follow, high vibe, GO GET IT GIRL, kinda way.

2. 1-1 private 30 Minute coaching Call with georgia to be used during the 4 week period

During this call, we'll dive deeper into getting clear on your goals & what actions you can take to get there.

(Valued at £200)

3. Unlimited Voxer Days**

**This exclusive offer is available ONLY in the VIP Package and you can get 1-1 Voxer support from me any time throughout the 4 week period.


4. bonus: 'i'VE GOT THIS!' organisation pack

I created the I'VE GOT THIS pack especially for the Glow programme. Who feels like they just don't have their sh!t together sometimes & would love a bit more organisation.
This pack has everything you need to get your to-do list sorted & get things in order. 

Have you ever felt...

✭ Like you give everything you've got to your job, but lose yourself & your health (mental & physical) along the way. 

✭ You lack confidence onboard due to your own beliefs about yourself, which is stopping you from become the happiest, most confidence version of yourself?

✭ That your soul is being broken down bit by bit and if you carry on, you're on your way to burn out.

✭ No one cares about the hard work you put in and your department gets little to no appreciation, which makes you feel crap & holds you back from being the best version of yourself.

✭ Trapped onboard sometimes with with feels like no escape & find yourself internally battling about the fact you're health is suffering & you hate that feeling, but it's all worth it 'because it's a great job, it could be worse and the season doesn't last forever'.

✭ Guilty & upset because you feel like you put on 100kg every season, but struggle with the work/ life/ health balance.

This is for you if...

✭ You want it all - the health, the job you love, the travel, without sacrificing your soul & wellbeing.

✭ You're ready to create J-Lo levels of confidence, be able to put your foot down & realise how AMAZING you are.

✭ You'd LOVE to learn how to use more spirituality in your life to increase health.

✭ You want to feel AMAZING & healthy without a super restrictive diet & feeling guilty for not exercising every day.

✭ You'd love to be more organised & take control of your personal life, wellbeing & finances.

Heres what's included in the container:

Here's what you have to look forward to...

✭ GLOW programme (4 POWERFUL modules over 4 weeks).

✭ A series of video trainings each week.

✭ Workbooks to support the trainings.

✭ A series of incredible meditations, created especially for this journey.

✭ A private 30 minute 1-1 Clarity Call with me during your 4 week container. 

✭ 30 days Voxer support if you choose the VIP package.

✭ Journal Prompts & Affirmation Pack taken from my Private 1-1 coaching programme.

✭ BONUS - I'VE GOT THIS organisation Pack - The GLOW financial planner, plus other tools to get your life organised.

✭ Even though one module gets releases every week, you'll still have access to the course after the 4 weeks.

Stage 1: Excitement

This is where ALL ideas are birthed into the world... From pure inspiration, flow, passion and excitement... In this stage you’re consumed by an alternate reality of what life could look like with your idea in it! You know within the depths of your heart that this could change peoples lives & you’re so excited to get it out there! Next we move onto...

Stage 2: Planning

Soon after the excitement hits, you start to plan out what the creation/birthing process of this idea looks/feels like.... You shift from the emotional excitement to the logical “how”... and this is often where many people stay... 

Planning forever, but not actually doing... Sound familiar?

Now once you've created your plan, we then move to....

Stage 3: Resistance

Shortly after the planning phase usually some sort of resistance kicks in... When we chase a new dream, we're often asked to evolve, transform & step INTO a new version of ourselves (that hasn't existed in the physical world before).

 This is where people get scared and resistance comes from.

When I was writing my book, I felt stuck because I was TRYING to become a writer.  I'd never done it before, so I felt scared and uncertain in myself.  But what I failed to realise at the time was that it was the process of writing that book, where I actually BECAME the thing I was working towards becoming...

Pushing through resistance = growth, and it's an essential part of the process!  

But if we push in the wrong direction trying to follow the wrong "rules," that's when we can get off track...

Stage 4: Rules

When we start something new, we instinctively look towards others to try and emulate what they're doing.  We watch how they talk, how they interact with others, their branding, the products they sell etc etc.... and then we think we have to do it in the exact same way.

All of a sudden, everyone starts to look and sound the same.. 

Regurgitating the same quotes, the same strategy & the same messages. 

The "experts" might be telling you theres only one way to succeed - their way - but between you and I, I want you to know that that's not the case.

The fancy websites, the polished videos, the curated IG feed....the "must have's" are easily sold as the answer, but we often fail because we're not being true to ourselves and following our own unique spark.

What it all comes down to is your ability to share your message with the world in your own unique way, which is exactly what I'm here to help you do gorgeous. 

We get to rewrite that rule book and give ourselves 

It starts now gorgeous!

Stage 5: Permission

I believe one of the best things you can ever do is give yourself permission to go for it. To chase your dreams and do things your way... without being afraid to fail.

Now, no matter what stage you're at within your business whether you're still in the excitement phase, planning phase or stuck in the resistance phase, know and trust that you're EXACTLY where you're meant to be.

Because guess what... you WILL fail at first.  

I know I certainly did, and I won't be able to stop those failures for you.  It's all part of the process.

But I will be able to help you reach your goals faster and share the tools, strategies and roadmap with you.

The fact that you're reading this tells me something incredibly special about you...

Which package should you choose?

Each package has been intentionally designed for you to choose which experience best suits you.

You can choose to have it all with some incredible bonuses in the VIP Experience or get the amazing, Early Bird price if you purchase NOW.

GLOW Programme

  • 4 Modules, 1 released each week throughout the 4 week period. (Valued £2000)
  • Receive a 30 minute Clarity Call with Georgia during the 4 week container. (Valued £200)
  • Accompanying workbooks, Journal prompts & Affirmation pack. (Valued £102)
  • ​12 incredible guided meditations

Payment Plan Option

  • ​You can also purchase the Glow progamme with a 2 month payment plan.
  • ​Glow price with payment plan: £650
  •  £325 per month, paid over 2 consecutive months.

GLOW VIP Experience

  • The entire 4 week GLOW programme, including all meditations, Journalling prompts, Affirmation & Inspiration Pack. (Valued £2164)
  • Receive a 1 hour Clarity Call with Georgia during the 4 week container. (Valued £400)
  • Unlimited Voxer Support during the 4 week container. (Priceless)

VIP Payment Plan Option

  • You can also purchase the VIP Experience with a 2 month payment plan.
  • ​VIP price with payment plan: £882
  • ​£441 per month, paid over 2 consecutive months.

About Me

Hey there! I'm SO EXCITED you're here! I'm Georgia & I'm a  Certified Confidence & Wellness coach for women, as well as a long time Chief Stew.

I help women like YOU, who want to be the happiest, healthiest, most confident & best version of themselves, as I know how tough it can be to balance life onboard & a personal life.

 I've been named by Yahoo in the '10 Wellness Coaches to Watch in 2021', studied as a Confidence/ Life Coach, a Health Coach, a yoga instructor in India, attended workshops & courses, read my way through numerous personal development, mindset & women's wellness books and created two successful businesses.

I've met SO MANY amazing women like you...
✭ Women who want to up-level their health, but aren't sure what the next steps could be.
✭ Women who know there must be more to health than dieting & a hectic workout every day.

Which is where I am here to help. Yay! ​

Why should you care I hear you ask???

Because I WAS you. I was the person who wanted amazing health, confidence & to learn about spirituality, while balancing life onboard.

I was the person who felt okay, but knew there must be something more I could do to feel AMAZING in every way.

But I changed my life and now i'm here to help YOU do the same.
GLOW has been designed to help you tune into your body, what it needs & discover the health & confidence that is already inside of you.

As featured in:

"10 Wellness Coaches to Watch in 2021"

- Yahoo Finance

This is the year that you are taking your health, happiness & confidence into your own hands.
YOU have the power to create the self love, healthy & freedom filled life you desire.

Are you ready?

Frequently Asked Questions

⋆ How is the programme taught?
GLOW is completely online and prerecorded. You can access it any time during your container period, with one module being released each week. You'll have your own personal login and password. There are video trainings, recorded guided meditations and downloadable workbooks.

⋆ Do you offer refunds on the GLOW programme?
Due to the digital nature & immediate access there are no refunds.

What are 'Voxer Days'?
Voxer is a free voice note/ walkie talkie app, where you will have direct access to Georgia throughout the 4 week container period.
Georgia will get back to you as soon as she can.

** Voxer Days are only included in the GLOW VIP Experience.

** If you have any further questions, feel free to message Georgia Here

The women I work with KNOW that their spark is ready to be birthed into the world & they're ready to finally give themselves full permission to shine.

Ignite Your Business is my 8 week course that gives you the roadmap you've been searching for to start, scale and launch the online business of your dreams.

But even more importantly than the strategies I'll teach you, is the permission slip this course gives you to shine & to FULLY share the message you were born to share into the world.

Kysa please make this in gold with gold foil with sparkles around

I never grew up wanting to own my own business...

Although, I did grow up believing that anything was possible and so when it was time to go to uni.. I packed up my bags.. balled my eyes out as I hugged my family in Spain (where they lived at the time) and flew to Australia to start my life!

I didn't last long at uni...

In fact, a few months in I got this nudge.

Something didn't feel right and I KNEW I couldn't spend 4 years enrolled in a 
course just to get a piece of paper telling me I was now "qualified".

And so, after a quick google search, landing a sales job, a few glasses of wine  & a whole lot of "what am I doing with my life"...

I dropped my degree and decided to launch a fashion label!

I knew nothing about fashion.

In fact, I couldn't sew to save myself!

But... I had a PASSION for dresses and wanted to design a label for 
modern women to feel beautiful, strong and empowered.

What I want you to know about my first business was that I didn't know all of the answers/steps... I literally made it up.

But I did have an unapologetic vision and the willingness to back myself.

And whilst I failed a lot. I learnt some incredible lessons as well & did some incredible things as a result (like being featured in Richards Bransons Vogyager mag 😍)!

8 years later, I have never been more passionate about helping visionary women start, launch & monetise the online business of their dreams.

Because ever since I decided to launch that label. Life has NEVER been the same!

P.S Check out what happened 0-2 years into launching Allure Collections, #wingingit #imperfectaction.

What I truly learned about starting a business was that it had nothing to do with fancy photographers/websites etc... 

And everything to do with courage, imperfect action, resilience & being brave enough to share my message with the world.

And that's why I decided to create ignite your business.

I wanted to share the truth of starting & launching an online business... And infuse both the online strategy (like how to build profitable sales funnels, attract an audience of ideal dream customers, set up automation & create digital products).

WHILST teaching you how to ignite your own spark, take inspired, imperfect action & how to powerfully share your message with the world...the online way.

I'm not asking you to jump on a plane & fly to China like I did, 
but I am asking you to have a little faith in yourself!

Because if a uni drop-out (like me) with NO business experience can make something out of nothing, then you most certainly can too gorgeous!

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